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Pono Player Firmware Update

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To manually update ponoplayer to Firmware version 1.0.6.

Download the file  "pono_1.0.6.update"  to any folder on your computer. 


You have to be able to see hidden files and directories. On a Mac, the terminal command  "defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles YES" does the trick. You do have to relaunch finder for the hidden files to show up.

- Close DOWN the PonoMusicWorld or PMV application 
- Connect ponoplayer to computer and enter Transfer Mode
- Copy & Paste the downloaded file into the   " .pono"    folder on your player's internal memory
- Delete or rename the file "firmware.xml" found in that same ".pono" folder  
- Remove your USB cable

You should now be prompted to run the firmware update. If not, power the ponoplayer OFF and ON again.




Hopefully it is kosher to upload the firmware update file here.


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3 hours ago, DaQi said:

Just updated mine using the instructions above and the file loaded here; worked like a charm!


Still use the player when I travel. Haven't logged on to their site in ages. JRMC seems to be able to manage the songs on it just fine.  


Can you manage playlists and such with JRMC? I've just been manually loading albums onto mine recently.

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