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Pono Player Firmware Update

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52 minutes ago, new_media said:


Can you manage playlists and such with JRMC? I've just been manually loading albums onto mine recently.

I'm using JRMC Smart Lists, originally created with PMW to sync my mSDs. Because the sync speed of my player is quite slow, I've chosen to sync my mSDs directly with the USB-3 card reader of my PC. After the first scanning, the PonoPlayer has no problems to read/play the files and playlists on the mSDs.


This topic is actually discussed in the PonoMusic Community https://www.ponomusic.com/cc_topic?id=0TOA0000000LaMg. You should log in and ask your questions there.

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Just to inform the other interested readers here as well:

SLIMPANTS answer to your same question in the PonoMusic Forum:

"Go into "Settings" --> "Sleep & Lock" and choose "10 Seconds". 
Start up a tune/album, adjust to desired volume, then wait ten seconds before putting ponoplayer in pocket."


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