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Official Roon User Impressions Thread

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Again you are filtering in the albums view not the artists view.


Applying tags on albums won't help me in artist view. Apparently I'm the only person that likes to browse his artists and then open the artist and choose an album. Preferably I'd like to start this process filtered.


Scrolling through a collage of thousands of albums to decide which artist and then album I want to listen to isn't efficient to me.


I think this view is as close as you'll get in Roon right now. I filtered down to all DSD albums, then viewed the list of performers.


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I believe what Dr. Tone wants is this unavailable view.




You got it! Being able to filter on album data at the artists level would be so powerful and convenient to me.


DSD probably isn't the best example.


I have 12,000 albums and lots were just dirt cheap CDs I bought just because. My collection got out of control. I'd like to tag good albums and apply that tag filter at the artist level to remove the rest of the rif raf that I don't need to see 99% of the time. But I also want the ability to turn that filter off to search the entire collection for something.

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i'm new to music software and using a small earmax pro headphone system with modi multibit dac i'm curious about roon. could do with some help please.


1) is roon just a lovely database of artists and groups or does it function as a music enhancer like amarra for tidal, audirvarna plus when used with tidal hifi?


2) it can work with tidal hifi, so does it reproduce the tidal hifi sound in exactly the same manner, or does it as i stated enhance like amarra for tidal. little repetitive here apologies.


3)finally do amarra for tidal and audirvarna sound better and can they be integrated with roon. if i only wanted to commit to one service and i go for roon for its amazing database will roon support mqa if tidal do master streaming? i ask because i'm thinking of a new system that could be mqa ready. or should i not worry about mqa. any general advice for a newcomer would be great.

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I just started the 14 days trial period. At the moment i use iTunes and pure music to organize and play my music on a mac mini. So i installed roon server on the Mac mini and roon control on my ipad and Macbook Air.


Since roon says it won't change the original files i just imported the music folder from my synology nas. It took around 1 hour to import over 45000 files. Now i have one question. How can i check that everything was correctly imported? Does roon create a log file somewhere? I can't just compare the number of the files since i store additional files (jpg, pdf) inside the album folders on the nas.

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I'm very satisfied with roon. The only serious complaints are the lack of lyrics in compilation albums and the complete absence of Greek lyrics. In all other aspects I'm very satisfied. Maybe a simple folder browser in the future but I know that it's out of the main philosophy. Oh and some times it should read better the embedded tags. I use foobar and tag&rename as my organizers and I make changes to my music. I would like to see immediately the changes or at least to ask me.


But the best of the best feature is the radio. I can hear for hours something without interruption. The choice of music is always appropriate. I listen to ennio morriconne for example? The following artists will be Howard Shore, Hans Zimmer, John Barry etc.


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Exporting flac from roon using the export option to a portable player. For some reason it does not play the flac. But if i go to the folder and copy file directly plays without issues. Wonder if this is a known bug in roon. I like the focus feature and can select dance music from roon to export to my portable player for work outs. But flac files are not playing ...

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