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Speaker Recommendations!!

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David here - I'm rolling it over in my mind about getting a pr of stereo speakers (No Surround). I have a budget of

less then $500.00 (New or Used). I don't want book shelf speakers, but floor standing instead. I am not into "Bass" at all and can always add a Sub-Woofer later. My room is 13' x 14'. I live in the Gadsden, Al area and believe me we have no audio stores where I can go and listen to speakers. I "Googled" the Birmingham area for audio stores and they have 8 stores - But they are all for Mobile Audio!! I have to rely on the internet specs and info from you good folks! I'm a senior and mainly listen to Classical, Jazz, Easy Listening. Remember BASS is not high on my needs list!! I have a Pioneer VSX-822k Receiver, 80 Watts per channel! Tks for any help

Walker Edison 5 Shelf Glass Rack > Pioneer VSX-822k Receiver > Sony BDP-S590 BR Player > Sennheiser HD598

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Used is a great way to go with speakers, but shipping can eat up any savings quickly. If you look at US Audio Mart, you can pick which state you want to look at. Right now, if they're still available, there's a guy in Winter Park, FL selling B&W DM640 Speakers for $600. You could see if he'd meet you halfway (still a long drive). Otherwise, I'd keep browsing US Audio Mart and Audiogon and look at used floorstanders.


For $500, I'd definitely look for gently used over new.

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