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Aurender Media Manager for Mac

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I just got the N100 a couple of days ago. The Aurender Media Manager for Mac seems to only wants a SMB connection. All my other storage drives which are local eg promise raid via thunderbolt, drobo thunderbolt are NOT supported. my bad - should have known as the Aurender documentation says only SMB connection. (i have got another NAS drive but it is slow compared to my thunderbolt devices).


Why can't the AMM mount all drives for that matter? Kodi, plex, xmbc does not seem to care, they just mount. It might be the physical player can only mount SMB drives.


Sometimes, there are gaps/interruptions on the songs. The brochure says, songs are copied first into the internal SSD drives from the NAS before playback. If this is so, and since the songs are playback locally in the devices, why are there gaps?


Hoping Aurender get back to me on the above issues.


Just griping folks :)

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