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So there's noise on my main listening system...

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I've been noticing noise on my main system that I use my DAC on


(2600K, Maximus IV extreme, GTX 980, 2X4GB 1600 C8, 120GB Intel 510 SSD, WD Velociraptor 150GB, HX850(2010)) Machine built 2011. GPU swapped 2014


Anyways, this system has always had noise on the audio output, whether it be via the integrated audio, HDMI out via a GPU, or USB out to a DAC. There is this scratchy poppy type distortion where when certain frequencies come through the speakers there is sort of a crunch and crackle type sound. It is ruining my listening experience.


I decided to make sure it was infact an issue with the machine so I swapped it out for my HTPC


(G3258, Z97 Anniversary, 2X2GB 1600 C9, 120GB 840 EVO, 1TB WD Blue, 500B) Machine built 2014


And sure enough I can't hear the noise any more...


I'm not sure what to do to ameliorate the noise issues on my other system. My friend from the UK suggested a SOTM audiophile grade USB PCIE card. It looks the business but the cheapest I can get it is $300 USD+shipping. That's like $400+ Canadian. I'm not chomping at the bit to buy it, honestly.


What can I do?

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Why not try something like an EMU card first. I am sure you can pick those up 2nd for practically nothing. Or an outboard DAC from a pro-audio selection, 2nd market must be huge.


In the end you are always going to be hampered by using a gaming pc for audio duties.

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