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Using Windows tablet as uPNP control point

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Hi, let me first describe my system.


Media is stored mainly on a NAS, a QNAP TS209 Pro II with 2 x 1TB hard disks

I have various rendering devices for playback

1) Pioneer SC LX77 AV Receiver has built in DLNA support for audio playback

2) Oppo BDP-95 supports similar but also plays back video in most formats

3) Hi Media HD600 matches the above but also plays back DVD ISO "rips" which the Oppo does not (but is not DLNA)

4) Philips PFL7666 47 inch LCD TV has built in network media player (rarely used - very slow)

5) a Chomecast connected to one the HDMI inputs on the Pioneer AV receiver


All above are connected with wired Ethernet (apart from the Chromecast)


6) In a games I have a Samsung 40" LCD Tv with built in Media Player and a Wi Fi dongle

7) In Kitchen I have a Pioneer internet radio with DLNA support.


For the last few years I have had this system and enjoyed (mostly) using it controlled by Apps on my Android Smartphone and Tablet. I usually use the following apps, either MediaHouse or iMedia Share, in both cases I can browse the content of the Twonky server (and others such as windows PCs on the network) and I can select which device to playback the content, so pretty much I can select any media to be "output" at any device. It has its limitations and frustrations but thats not the topic of this post.


Windows is the topic here.


I now have a Windows tablet, and wish to migrate away from Android (another story - please don't go there). But I don't know what App to use (most aren't free and ones that are free that I have tried aren't working). I want to be able to do same thing, select the source server and select the destination device (renderer), and for example listen to music in the kitchen, watch photos in the games room, and a video in the home cinema. I don't often actually want to use the tablet to watch the content or listen to the music, it just needs to be a control device.


Easy to do on Android - not yet found a way on Windows 8.1. Any pointers please?

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If you're running on Windows, JRiver Media Center should work.


Hmmm, thank you Jriver for recommending a product - also called Jriver - no issues if it does what I want. Can I ask though do I have to run J River server on a PC for my network players to access my content.


At moment as I said, all my content sits on a NAS, which runs Twonky, in turn this means that no PC has to be on and running, and the various network media players can access the content through their own user interfaces. but those user interfaces are rather clunky. What MediaHouse and other apps on Android do is they remote control the process, allowing me to scroll through the content on my NAS (as served by Twonky) and determine playback to occur on whichever DLNA enabled device I want to use.


Although my new tablet happens to be running full Windows, it is really important to me that I find something similar for it, I don#t want to install another media server, just to remote control the various serves and renderers on my network. I can do it from my £100 cheap Android phone and my Samsung Note tablet, and just want to do same from my new Windows tablet.


Kindly confirm


(I looked for JRiver in the Windows App Store and didn't find it by the way)



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It would require JRiver Media Center. MC is a DLNA / UPnP Server, Client, and Controller.


DLNA - JRiverWiki


It isn't on the Windows store. We sell it direct.


In your case, Twonky is the UPnP Server. You need a UPnP Client and Controller.


Another way to do it is just to import the files directly from the NAS and play them to a DLNA Renderer. This would give you a nice interface on your tablet and be a little quicker.

Jim Hillegass / JRiver Media Center / jriver.com

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First off, is it a full Windows tablet or the lower spec Windows RT?


If full Windows then you could try installing BubbleUPnP Server and then running Linn Kazoo on the tablet.



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