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New ASUS can't connect to DiskStation ?

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Hi All,


A few facts that may affect the answer....

I just cracked open an ASUS Transformer 2-in-1. No, not a great 2-in-1 by any means, but hopefully enough to run JRiver to a DAC for non-critrical listening (outdoor-patio environment).


Anyway. The ASUS is running Win 8.1 and is 32 bit (hopefully that doesn't present any compatibility issues).


I installed the trial version of JRiver. When I go into settings I can't point to the Diskstation. I know that the ASUS can "see it" because it shows up with all my music in File Explorer.


Can someone tell me why I wouldn't see it in the JRiver Options --> File Location list?


I do intend to go ahead any add another license to my existing JRiver license, but wanted to make sure that all will work with

my new laptop first.




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Have you mapped the diskstation music folder as a drive location on the asus? JRiver might not see it if it's only showing as a network location in File Explorer.


On my Win 8.1 system file Explorer under This PC it shows as another drive .... Music(\\diskstation) (Z: )

JRiver sees this mapped drive but not any of my network locations


Map Network Drive is an icon in the File Explorer ribbon.


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