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Figured it would be nice to have a thread devoted to upcoming live performance recommendations.


For the first one:


Sean Rowe, Mercury Lounge, NYC, Saturday May 2, 2015. (Also Thursday April 30 Tin Angel in Philly.)


I thought his "Madman" album last year was outrageously great, and a new EP, "Her Songs," is out tomorrow, featuring Rowe performing songs written by Cat Power, Feist, Sade, Lucinda Williams, Regina Spektor, and Neko Case.


A taste of Rowe live -


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Great idea for a thread! As we all know, there is absolutely nothing that can compare to live performance. I'm throwing in a long, longtime favorite of mine who is simply not remotely as well known as he should be. The great and amazing Richard Thompson. So few of the general music loving public have any idea that this incredibly gifted guitarist and songwriter even exists. And among those who do, they are aware of only his studio recording which, until very recently, featured only his electric guitar performances. Not that there is anything wrong with that, there is a reason that he is consistently rated amongst the greatest living guitarists in polls of other musicians.


I can honestly tell you, though, that his solo, acoustic performances have also never failed to blow me away, and they give you a somewhat deeper insight into his talent. He is also such an intelligent, entertaining and gifted personality that I would happily pay just to hear him talk about his music, and music in general. If he is appearing near you, I cannot recommend checking him out highly enough. Sadly, though he normally always includes Southeatern Michigan in his tour plans, he is appearing nowhere remotely close this time around.


Tour Dates




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Casandra Wilson will perform a free concert in honor of Billie Holliday's 100th birthday live at Miller Outdoor Ampitheater in Herman Park, Houston TX, Saturday May, 30th. No advance tickets. 4 tickets per person in line day of show.

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AC/DC 19.5.2015 Munich, Germany - Rock or Bust :-) :-)

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