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RHA in ear phones

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Hello there


Just a little heads up for anyone looking for some buds for when they are on the move. I went to a head phone meet in Cambridgeshire Uk on Saturday, and this is first impression of the RHA in ears.



I had a pair of Senny buds that I have had for about four years, and one channel became faulty about 4 weeks before the meet. So knowing that RHA was going to be at the meet, it was an ideal time to buy a new pair. I had read a review about either the MA750 or the T10 cannot remember which ones and according to the review they were a nice set of buds, but the reviewer wasn't happy with the bass. As some of the music I listen to is quite bass heavy, Reggae, Dub, Trip Hop etc this could have been a problem. Also I have never worn these type of phone where the cable go over the top and around the back of your ear. But I went in with an open mind.


Tried both the MA750 and the T10, and was very impressed with the build quality. While listening to both the the fear of having to get use to the cable around ear was fine and didn't seem to bother me. The young man from RHA let me use my own music and source, I tried a few tracks, from Burning Spear, Maxwell and Massive Attack, and I actually like what I was hearing, and the bass sounded fine, nice and tunefully and deep and handle the bass very well I found.


Problem I have now is, I found the T10 more comfortable, but I actually prefer the sound out off the MA750, although there wasn't a lot in it to tell you the truth.


Just been reading about the T10 three tuning filters, maybe RHA can tell us which one was installed in the pair everyone was demoing? Waiting for this answer.


Just waiting for my e-mail with the 15% discount, before I decide which ones to get.


Thanks RHA, from what I seen you have a sound product there.



Link to RHA


Cheers Frank

PC>JRiver> Lindemann USB-DAC 24/192> White Bird Amplification VIRTUS-01> Sennheiser HD650 headphones

PC>JRiver> Lindemann USB-DAC 24/192> Cyrus 6VS> Dali Zensor 1

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