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The ultimate home power supply?

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Hi Joel,


I fear it's going to add a lot of noise to the mains supply. Every kind of DC/AC converter, which is needed to feed the battery power into the electricity grid, is a switching power device.


Only a few years back, when the electricity companies here in Germany started the first installations of so-called Smart Meter (electronic electricity meters), significant problems with the accuracy of these meters became evident once they are installed after a power converter of a photovoltaic system. It came out that these converters are creating a lot of noise in the frequency range from 2kHz up to 150kHz, which led to misfunctioning of the electronic meter.


Needless to say that this is a fatal frequency range for us audiophiles...


Following the future "smart grid" ideas, a lot of additional noise is yet to come into our electricity supply, I suppose. I guess that is why mains filter are rising more and more attention recently from my perspective.



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Depends. We've had a long thread on this recently. It turns out some "pure sine wave" inverters have harmonic distortion figures lower than those specified for utility current to the home.

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