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How do I convert SPDIF out to input AES3 ?

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Having enjoyed reading the very informative presentation by John Mingo, published in Aug 2014. It’s clear that the guys at Baetis Audio have done a serous amount of research and I don’t want to copy their ideas just to make something similar which to be fair I don’t expect to sound as good.


The technical question I have is how would I as someone who has basic desktop pc building experience / limited funds, take the SPDIF (0.5v /75ohm) from the mobo pins and digitally convert that to 4v /110ohm balanced AES3 output? This would then need to plug into the XLR/AEB input on my Dac. The Vega DAC has got a built in isolation transformer. Based on the article it’s clear that it’s the purist approach, therefore this is likely to be more efficient perhaps than using an external digital converter like the Sotm Dx box. Also the SotM digital converter only accepts USB input.


Found a good explanation on Sonic sense site but the converters they suggest are limited to 96hz, any alternatives suggestions please?

How to Convert Between S/PDIF and AES Digital Audio

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