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Audirvana plus problem with itunes library on external drive


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Is the other track played for only a very short time?


If yes, then this is due to some slowness in iTunes in conjonction with a wrong order in the iTunes library:First iTunes gives the wrong next track information to Audirvana Plus

Second it takes some time to tell Audirvana Plus the correct track after having received the play next one request

And this leads to short part of another track (a wrong one) to be played giving this short wrong track playback.



Now to avoid this there are two axes:

1) Have the iTunes library in the correct order. Before reconstructing it (instructions in Apple support pages), you can also put all the albums in a playlist and play from there

2) Ensure it'll respond fast enough: Is the external hard drive set to go to sleep? (This setting should be deactivated in the Energy Saver page of System Preferences)



Hi Damien

Damien. in the past when I purchased your software I was getting many crashes running El Capitan on my 2013 MacBook Pro 8GB RAM and serving my music up from a WD external 2TB HD. I visit many time the good forum Computer Audiophile

and receive advice to go all the way back to Yosemite OS on my Mac. I did that and all was good. After many OS upgrades and upgrades to your software I decided to go back and try El Capitan thinking someone fixed something. My first test lasted 2 hr’s no crashes then it crashed and I had to do a Force Quit out of your app to do a restart of my mac. 2nd test lasted 40 minutes then crashed, 3rd test only lasted for two songs and the I copied a Crash Report. One of the guys (or gals) in the Computer Audiophile forum suggested this and I accomplished it but it didn’t even make it thru 1 track and crashed:

This is my equipment list:

WD usb2 2TB external HD Only Music aiff’s on it

MacBook Pro 2013 8GB RAM 256 internal Flash drive usb3

AudirvanaPlus_The latest version as of today 7/8/16


ifi DAC nano latest driver iFiHDUSBAudio_dfuapp5.1A.sh

MusicLink Transparent Interface cables

Reference B&K 200.2 S2 Power amp 225W RMS

Parasound 2100 Classic Preamp

Paradigm 100 S series speakers


[email protected]

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Well I don't use iTunes, I just assumed my playlist was in A+ I bring each album or CD or file from an external HD. I assumed it brought in only one album at a time whatever your choice was at that time. So I'm sorry I don't have an answer for you. I have the latest A+ and only bug I noticed was some duplicate albums or should I say the breaking up of a list of tracks in an album and assigning them to same artwork but duplicate. It may be my fault and they need retagged.

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