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USB CD drive for replay- recommendations.

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Sometimes I just like to put on a CD without bothering with ripping first (I generally only rip the best of my CDs anyway).


I'd like to play with the CD replay features of my Bryston BDP without investing in Bryston's $$$ own add-on USB drive. What USB optical drive would you recommend for CD replay, which might be different than for ripping?


Must be something still generally available new, nice build quality and preferably a proper motorised draw or top loader. Plextor or TEAC brands come to mind, but I only see some fairly cheap looking products on Amazon for example. Happy to spend up to c. $200 if necessary.




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Thanks for the advjce, a mint one came up local to me on eBay and it certainly sounds good with stock psu.


Would an LPSU make a significant difference, if so do you have a recommendation? I was thinking maybe the HDPlex or even the new psu from ifi?

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