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Quad DSD DAC Shootout Review: exaSound, iFi and Oppo

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Interesting article in the AV Watch audio journal in Japan. They play selections recorded in Quad DSD 256fs on the exaSound e22, iFi iDSD Nano and the Oppo HA-1. The exaSound comes out on top in the review, although that may not be a surprise given the differences in price between the units and exaSound's role as the first consumer DAC company with Quad DSD 256fs.


y’¹‹ˆê–L‚́u—Ǎì~—Ç•ivz‚ ‚è‚̂܂܂̉¹‚ÌŠì‚сBDSD 11.2MHz‘ΉžUSB DAC 3»•i’®‚«”ä‚× - AV Watch

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