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Pure Music 2.04 Won't Add FLAC File

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Hi, When I try to add an Pure Music bookmarked FLAC album file from my external hard drive to iTunes, I get an error message:


"Error: Disk/Directory Not Writeable


To add tracks to iTunes, Pure Music must create a bookmark file in the

same location as the tracks. However, Pure Music is unable to write to the

disk or directory / folder containing the tracks.


Note: if the disk is formatted as NTFS, the MacOS cannot write to NTFS

formatted disks."


I show that my FLAC album file has a Pure Music bookmark file in the same location as the tracks. After attempting to add the Pure Music bookmarked album to iTunes, the album cover shows up in iTunes but only the first track is found and it does not play.


I've had no trouble trying to add Pure Music bookmarked FLAC files to iTunes until now and there is nothing unusual about the FLAC album file as far as I know.


Any help?

Main Room: Synology DS116 NAS > Intel NUC7i7BNH Mini PC (Roon Core) > Linn Selekt DSM with Katalyst DAC > Mark Levinson No. 532H Amp > Thiel Audio CS 2.4 Loudspeakers

Bedroom: Synology DS116 NAS > Intel NUC7i7BNH Mini PC (Roon Core) > Chord 2Go/Hugo 2 (fixed line level) > McIntosh MHA200 Headphone Amp > Audeze LCD-X (2021) or Focal OG Clear or JH Audio Roxanne IEM

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