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Connection Refused JRemote


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For more than a year I have had no trouble connecting my iphone and ipad using JRemote to JRiver Media Center on my home network. Suddenly I can't connect. I've re-booted everything, tried installing a different connection, reset my router etc. Wifi is strong. Attached is the connection summary. Thanks.



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JRemote has to be on the same network connection...I found I had this trouble once when I had inadvertently switched to the "guest" network. Also, did you confirmed the Access Key is the same in JRiver and on JRemote? Sorry, I'm not an expert, just trying to help get the conversation going...



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If your iPad (or iPhone) is on the same network as the jriver machine and you've already rebooted your router, the only thing I can think of (right now) is maybe a firewall issue.


What OS is running on the jriver machine?


Also, can you ping the IP addresses corresponding to your iPhone and iPad from the jriver machine?

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I think there is an issue with JRemote on the iPad. I often get timeouts from iPad too. If I try to connect with iPod Touch using JRemote there is no problem. I can can also connect with TeamViewer from the iPad. I think this rules out possible problems with the router, the PC or its network card.


My current theory is that it has something to do with RAM memory in the iPad. The problem seems to occur when memory is used up by other apps and doesnt seem to reallocate properly to JRemote.


What I am testing now is to first close JREmote completely then clear iPad memory with the SYS-Activity app. When memory is cleared and JRemote is restarted it seems to connect.... But still testing.


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