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How to move Ipod contents to PC

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Or CAN you move/copy the Ipod contents to a new PC?


I've copied/uploaded a bunch of stuff using my home pc and want to continue working on finding the album artwork while here at work. My Itunes here at work is empty and I want to copy the Ipod contents to this... is it possible and how?






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Ok... I'll just mess with it at home. I DO however, want to say that I appreciate your help. This Ipod is a new toy to me and though I'm sure I've only begun to 'get it', I've gone farther/faster because of your patience.


A side note... I have found some 'Ipod backup" softwares on the internet...I dinkered with one, not worth $20 to me (or what ever) when I can mess at home with it.


What I've found interesting though (and i'm not saying this software is the culpret)


When I go back into the album flow mode... they are all jumbled. Meaning, virtually all the album pictures have different names with them. The contents of the album is intact. Meaning, if it says it's a Neil Diamond CD but it has a Beetles cover... the contents match up with the words saying it's Neil Diamond, in spite of it showing a Beetles cover...




Probably something .0000000004 people in the world experience and I managed to find the secret code on how to screw it up!!






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Thanks for the nice comments. Keep asking questions, thats what the site is for!


Your cover art issue is a weird one. I suggest running the reset or restore from within iTunes when your iPod is connected. make sure all your music is still in your library on your PC. This procedure will wipe your pod clean and resync it. If that doesn't work let us know and we'll look for plan B.


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Of the 3 view choices select the middle one. It should show a small cover with all the associated songs. If that looks right, then when you goto cover flow that should look right too.


Be sure you don't have text in the search box, that can cause some .... confusion.


Sometimes, for me the first album cover is off when I'm using random play, but it syncs up when it changes.


Question - did you try just importing a few cd's letting iTunes do the work? How'd those work?


Just as a wild guess, I've experienced exactly what you are describing using Winamp and Windows Media Player. It was due to the folder method and having music scattered in folders. I'd update on cover and others would change. It was rediculously tedious to fix and those headaches may have followed WAV files to iTunes. A guess. If you import a few and they are perfect that might help troubleshoot.


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Ya know Innertuber...


I'm just now realizing that you bought Mark's Khorns and therefore by extension, MY old Khorns (cuz I sold them to Mark when I got the Jubilees)


I loved those the instant I saw them and have always felt they were among some of the most pretty pair I've ever seen (excepting the fancy Rosewood/other woods).






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"Question - did you try just importing a few cd's letting iTunes do the work? How'd those work?"


If you mean during the process of populating Itunes... I did it CD by CD, one by one. I imported a CD then highlighted them as a group to edit their artist/album information. I then went to try to find the art work if possible. I still have some that do not have working artwork and a couple of those are CD's that I used Itunes itself to rip!! (go figure)


I discovered that I could be importing a disk (WAV format) and at the same time, converting another disk which happened to be in WMA format and they'd both work at the same time. The WMA files would convert and do most of the populating info automatically (if I recall). The WAV files, I'd HAVE to edit every time.


This only happened on my Ipod here at work when I was trying to move the files from Ipod to my PC/Itunes here. As best I know (since I've not looked this morning), my system at home SHOULD be intact.


I'll be really bummed if the system at home is buggered up like this Ipod. I will say, the last thing I did last night before going to bed was a final 'update/synch' so I'd have the Ipod as up to date as possible this morning.


What I REALLY wanted to do was simply update the file of songs I already have here at the office. I was using the "work on artwork" as a nice excuse when in reality, I just want a wider library here.





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How cool is that - those KHorns are great. I love em! For daily duty I use a SS Outlaw with Macbook or Tecnics TT. I also bought Mark's VRDs and when I'm seriously martini'd up for listening fire up the tubes and the ProJect RM5. Not that that stuff is the best, but for my guitar/bass abused ears it sounds pretty damn fine. Plue I can share with neighbors all up and down the channel! I am so hooked on those KHorns. I did just buy some Tektons 4.5 fullrange with a sub for a different room to solve my curiosity about full range drives and not spend a ton on Lothers. I've got our living room and a spare bedroom full of audio stuff. My wife wasn't gonna go for Jubes in the bedroom! I just bought that Sophia Baby 10 watter that's been kicking around a while for the Tektons. Mark's a great guy and you both took super care of the horns. I think Mark misses them! Okay then -


"I imported a CD then highlighted them as a group to edit their artist/album information." - normally you shouldn't need to do anything at this point. It should import 98% or so just fine.


" I then went to try to find the art work if possible. I still have some that do not have working artwork and a couple of those are CD's that I used Itunes itself to rip!! (go figure)" - I'd say for the music I have used, it probably gets 97-98% of the covers. I have to hunt a few. All these media players rely on certain music databases for data and covers. Not every database has ever title. iTunes scores more hits for me that WinAmp.


Couple weekends ago I downloaded a shareware that took everything from my iPod and put it back into freshly cleaned copy of iTunes on a spare pc. The program took a long while and looked similar to an iTunes interface. It can be done, but I forget the name of the software. Probably for Mac anyway, but google something like rip iPod to iTunes. I think you can get there on teh work PC. I haven't sync'd my iPod literally in a couple years. I wanted to compare it to my current library and see if I lost things, before I sync to AIFF format. I think I had used AAC before, so that's what got me going. I still had all the cds was the result.


Chris has posted elsewhere how to have AIFF (or whatever) main library and create a dup in a bit more compressed format, so you can store more on the iPod. Helpful stuff when you reach your limit. Glad it's getting better for you.








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Thanks Coytee - we do get up there periodically. My wife lived in Chatt for years before we married and her daughter is just finishing up college there this week I think. Her folks are in Ft, Paine AL and we visit them periodically. Her son graduated from UT and is doing a teaching stint in S Korea, so we don'ty head to Knox, but we pass thru on the way to Cinci OH to mess with my goofy sister. My wife still bleeds orange but she now also loves to grumble about the Bucs.


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Interestingly, I'm from Hamilton (Ohio), just up from Cincy.


Back to topic...


Looking at Ipod... names verses PICTURES in art mode is still screwed up.


I am home now. Is there any way I can connect it to the Itunes here and "refresh" the artwork??


I don't want to have to delete everything but I will...just hoping there's a simple answer first.




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If the grouping of the cd's is looking right in the middle view, but the artwork is messed up you might try selecting all the songs in an album then goto file>get info and see if the art is wrong. If so, zap it and try auto lookup or manual paste. I'm not around iTunes to check, but the screwy art sounds more like the folder issues mentioned before. iTunes, for me, usually gets art right or not at all. There are probably some exceptions tho.


Just guessing here


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I don't recall but I think it was in auto synch and nothing happened. oh well...I have them updated so that issue is over.


I'm on to my NEXT issue!!! :)


I've got David Gilmours "Meltdown" dvd. I've been able to rip it to my hard drive using some converter. They are in "VOB" file extensions.


Any clue how I can convert VOB files into something that will load into Itunes??



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