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Setup of Music Server etc.

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New toys: Drobo, recycled 1.8Ghz dual G5 w/lynx card, and Bryston BDA-1. Is it an option to use the drobo (w/droboshare?) as a WIRELESS NAS located in a different room to stream the data (INCLUDING HIGH REZ FILES) to the G5, then from the G5's Lynx card into the Bryston dac via AES/EBU? I had read somewhere about some limitations in regard "streaming" high resolutions files wirelessly. Apart from the wireless option, if the Drobo has to be attached via cable to the G5 it may be possible to do a long run of wire to another location in the condo - if I pursue that route, would it be better to use USB or Firewire or Ethernet. My main concern is the noise the equipment may generate in my listening room. Any advice would be appreciated.


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