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Yesterday I was at my local audio dealer. I was there to pic up my OKKI NOKKI. A record cleaning device. Not very computer audio related. But still it is a very nice machine. In the shop we started talking about streaming and DACS. Right now my streaming setup is a bit ancient.


NAS-->window XP laptop-->Schiit Wyrd-->Wadia 12


Since my DAC is giving me some problems I told the shop owner that I am sort of contemplating about buying a DAC. Now this shop does sell DACs but most of them (EMM labs, Meitner, Vega, Zanden etc) are way out of my budget. However he does have the complete Lumin line of steamers in his shop.


So he suggested the Lumin D1. It costs about 2000 euro. But that might change since due to currency dollar euro issues. First I was a bit hesitant. My original idea was buy a 1500ish DAC and later buy a Auric Aries (LE). But maybe a one box solution isn't so bad. But for about 2k euro there are some other options as well. Like the Moon Neo 280D DSD mind, Linn Majik DS, or for a little more the Naim ND5XS.


So how good are these one box solutions?


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