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interesting document about "Mastered for iTunes"

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This afternoon I DL'd a.pdf from Apple intended for music producers that explains exactly what "Mastered for iTunes" is and what it means.

Producers are asked to provide their music in 24 bit 96khz files, and Apple will 'master' them in to 16 bit 256kbps variable bit rate.


I found this out because last week I bought some music 'mastered for iTunes' and was dismayed when the files downloaded to see they were 16 bit 256vkbr.


Apple think this is high def? Having said that they do sound pretty darned good. I compared the same song in both formats, and I must say Apple were close but 24 bit 96khz won out!


Digital system:  NAS (216 play), CAT. 6 cable to Marantz NA6005 network music player. Optical connection to Cambridge Audio DacMagic. Graham Slee Novo headphone amp with Grado Sr80i headphones, and Cambridge Audio 540 amp. Monitor Audio Bronze B2 speakers.


Analogue: Rega RP1, Cambridge Audio Phono stage, amp and speakers as above.


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