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"The Listening Room" BETA

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Hi Everyone - Computer Audiophile is testing out a new site feature we call "The Listening Room." It's actually where Computer Audiophiles can congregate and talk in realtime. I'm avoiding the term Chat Room as it seems to have a bad connotation thee days. The Listening Room can be a place to talk about anything or a place to jump to when you want to work out a music server issue in realtime. Right now this is all in BETA and it hasn't been decided if it will become a regular part of the site. Since it is in BETA there may be some small issues to work out and there may be some small outages here and there. To participate or even view The Listening Room you must be a member of the site. I'm working on opening up viewing to anonymous readers, but that's coming at a later date.


Anyway, I'll meet you over in The Listening Room :~)





Founder of Audiophile Style | My Audio Systems

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