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Assuming one starts with the best available, full-range and well recorded and well-mastered audio tape and then makes that available in an L.P., CD and hi-res (for this purpose I'm including both DSD and 24/192 as being equivalent and as hi-res, although I know many would disagree). Given the choice of those three output formats, which would you choose and in what order (assuming you have highest quality playback capabilities for all three)?

Synology NAS>i7-6700/32GB/NVIDIA QUADRO P4000 Win10>Qobuz+Tidal>Roon>HQPlayer>DSD512> Fiber Switch>Ultrarendu (NAA)>Holo Audio May KTE DAC> Bryston SP3 pre>Levinson No. 432 amps>Magnepan (MG20.1x2, CCR and MMC2x6)

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