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MAC mini - RAM


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I use a headless MAC mini running iTunes connected to a server and a Weiss Minerva DAC. My MAC mini has 1GB of RAM. I use it to run iTunes and iPhoto only.


Will any see any performance improvement if I upgrade to 2GB or 4GB of RAM?




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I can't answer from personal experience (i.e., doing comparisons), but I will say this. I'm about to pull the trigger on a Mac mini, and I will certainly install 4 Gb Ram in mine immediately. The only reason I've not already bought one is that I'm still thinking that the 4 Gb maximum (officially) will be a limiting factor during the lifespan of the computer, esp for things like Amarra, and experimenting with RAM Disks, etc.


It's less than $100 to upgrade to 4 Gb.


your mileage may vary.




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