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Qnap HS 251 Ethernet configuration advice

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I need some configuration advice for my setup.

I bought the QNap HS 251 which I'm using with minimserver. The renderer is the brand new Bel Canto Ref Stream and the controller is Kinsky running on a dedicated mac book pro late 2011 (which I'm using together with a BD Recorder for ripping and backup purpose).

Server, Streamer and Mac (Controller) are connected together using a switch:TP-LINK TL-SG105E. They are on a separate LAN which is connected to the main WiFi lan through a WiFi to Ethernet adapter connected to the switch. I need wifi only for software upgrade and metadata download during ripping (XLD).


My wish is to simplify a little bit this configuration, remove the switch and try to use the two Ethernet port of the server.

Unfortunately, when I connect the renderer and the computer to the NAS, Kinsky do not see the Renderer. Looks like configuration issue on the QNap side.


Can you help me?


Thanks a lot in advance!



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Can it be done - yes ... you'll need to find instructions how to bridge the ethernet ports such as -- QNAP NAS Community Forum • View topic - [HOWTO] Bridging on QNAP TS-412


As the post in that linked thread says, this is completely unsupported by QNAP.


So yes its doable, but (in terms of managing your NAS) its hardly "simplifying" the system.



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Successfully network bridging the QNAP will mean loading an alternative OS, Windows or a Linux distro. I have Windows Server 2012 Essentials running on my HS- 251 with Audiophile Optimizer and Minimserver in AO minimal GUI mode. It all fits in 600 mb of Ram. You will want the 2gb ram version of the HS-251 to run Windows. Linux is less constrained.


Windows has native support for bridging, but it will not work in full core mode.


The OS is loaded on an SSD in one bay with a 4tb WD red drive holding Music in the other bay.


Like any modern Intel box the QNAP has a UEFI bios. Once in the Bios, you can load any OS you want. Just use the delete key to get into the bios at boot.


Getting rid of the switch this way makes a big difference in SQ. However, you will need to be comfortable with OS configuration to get this working. The Audiophile Optimizer installation instructions are your friend here.

Pareto Audio aka nuckleheadaudio

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