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No movement in JRemote when play is pressed


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Having recently jumped on the JRMC and JRemote bandwagon, I find that I cannot get JRemote to play. (Were talking the Mac version 20 btw) Have configured the server to see my mac mini and pointed jrmc to my dac as output... All fine. When I click on a track in JRemote the Transport bar doesn't move and there is no sound, even though the bottom left panel displays 'now playing'...


I'm sure I've probably missed a basic step but any ideas greatly appreciated. Dac is via Usb into the Mac mini (Teac AI-301DA)

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In the bottom left hand corner of the Jremote screen, the Zone needs to match the zone as defined by the Teac DAC for instance. By default, Jremote picks the ipad. This doesn't match the output characteristics from Jriver so you could get the situation of hearing nothing and now playing is right.


I gather you've setup Jriver to share libraries, with the code provided by Jriver when the share is opened.

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