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Ipad/Hard drive

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Hi precisionmike.


I am interested in your comment about wifi hard drives only transmitting at 320kbs.


I use a Seagate Wireless Plus while travelling on the train to and from work to stream my 250GB music library to my iPhone. I used PlugPlayer as the streaming player.


My impression from the heat generated by my iPhone when playing Hi Rez files (down converting the Hi Rez files I presume), and having read nothing previously to the contrary, is that the SWP streams the files at their native resolution (lossy, lossless or Hi Rez) and it is the iPhone that then converts them when required.


Have you found otherwise?



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The Seagate info does not say that the wireless drive is capped at 320 kbps. The 320 kbps is in the table of iOS default media support, and I think that will be referring to the maximum supported rate of MP3 in particular, although other audio formats are listed.

The drive seems able to stream movies of up to 10 Mbps, so uncompressed 24/192 stereo may be manageable since that equates to a little under 10 Mbps.

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