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Audivarna 2.09 index the library yourself or use Itunes XML?


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I tried manually doing it myself once and came up on an upper limit. Then I tried creating a different directory with symbolic links, so only a subset of albums would be loaded in. That also didn't work. Then I gave up and started using it in iTunes integrated mode (I don't hear the reported differences on my system, so it just makes everything easier to cope with).

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I went with the suggested path of not importing the iTunes library and then changed my mind after re-creating playlists manually and getting tired of it. Since the import puts them under the iTunes Imported folder, it was easy to keep them separate. I guess I am not seeing the downside of importing the iTunes library to at least prime your playlists the first time. I don't mind having to add to list as I add more music as you have to do that anyway.

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Should you have both methods set up or only one to synch/import your library?

That one is not really clear to me, and I'm not sure if Damien ever provided proper guidance here.


I personally used Itunes sync from the start, as I still rely heavily on Itunes for feeding my iOS devices, and love to have play count synchronized on both.


For somebody without that need, and if you want to maintain your own folder structure, having A+ just sync directly to your file folders is probably easier.


Mixing both methods, while theoretically feasible, is probably risky, especially if you have Itunes manage the folder structure as I do, and could lead to duplication.

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Since I have DSD and multichannel FLAC files that will not import into iTunes, I use the folder-based synch in Audirvana.


If all my files were in iTunes, I'd probably use the iTunes XML option, instead - it's faster, for sure, and your library should match whet's in iTunes almost exactly.

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That's weird. I use the Itunes sync button and all playlists are there.


on two different macs, Audirvana+ hasn't imported or sync a single iTunes playlists either.

can it even import Smart Playlists?


what should the settings be for:

a) Select Folders to Add to the (Audirvana) Library?

(~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music/Music)


b) iTunes Library Synchronization

(assuming: ~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music Library.xml ?)


with the above, and manually hitting Sync buttons- still not a single iTunes Playlist pulled into Audirvana 2.0.9.

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Finally, someone else with my problem :-) I was starting to think I was crazier than normal.


ok, figured out a solution. for me at least, hope it works for you.


in Audirvana Preferences, Library-

1. remove your iTunes Library (folder) from the "Folders to Add from your Library"

(select it and use the minus - button)

2. wait for the database to finish removing entries.

3. make sure your iTunes Library synchronization is set to your iTunes .xml file.

click Sync

when it pops up some "confusing" question about Library folder, just say use your xml file file and to NOT also add the Folder name to the "Folders Add to Library".


due to my 1Tb Library, let Audirvana churn overnight.


one completed, did finally have iTunes Playlists imported into Audirvana!

as well as all media artists/albums.


if these steps are unclear (possible, since I can't include a screen shot at the moment), send me a PM.



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