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God and the Audiophiles


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Yes, your answers matter. This topic interests me, and these are just things to think about.


Actually, no, I don't think my answers would matter to you, or really, to much of anyone else besides me. As I say, these are questions each individual must answer for themselves. Denying the possibility of God is one answer, but not thinly possible or the only correct answer.


So, since these questions don't have answers, does that mean you're atheist at the moment?


Ah - try that one again. I didn't say they didn't have answers, though I have said that "I don't know right now" is a totally valid answer. It is also a place to start, not to finish.




there are right words. You're just not trying hard enough.:)


How about:


-this thing

-this concept

-this idea

-this supposed/proposed entity

-whatever it is


If something exists I guarantee there is a word for it.




There sure is something wrong. That's why I pointed out that you're begging the question. If you say "I don't know" in this context, then "it" or "concept" is the appropriate word.


Nope- all words are an approximation of the actual meaning. In the case of something that is fundamentally beyond ones current understanding, any words used will be very poor approximations indeed. Not sure what your field is, but whatever it is, think of the significant amounts of jargon used in it.


What jargon does one use to describe the creation of an entire universe? Two branes smashing together? Or some other multi-dimensional geometry?




Anyone who considers protocol unimportant has never dealt with a cat DAC.

Robert A. Heinlein

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how interesting... I hope I comprehend what I should by reading the original post.


My share : God is in everything we do (or don't), and He is in our passion of audiophile as well, whether we want to acknowledge his existence or not. :)


I often wonder if a person's life is under some kind of stress when I read his/her strong (?or angry) posts in CA because attacking others' passion about physics sound waves and auditory process/perception is unnecessarily laboring to me. << with this said, I hope I'm not viewed as attacking the attackers. :(


I have to say that I enjoy reading humorous and informational posts most of the time. Thank God for you guys who are willing to share your knowledge in this forum.

A good song finds me even during my sleep.

Thank God for my aging ears. I now can filter out blah blah blah and tune in blue blue blue...

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to Paul and maybe some others,

First I have to say I never intended to demean anyone, on the contrary after reading one of « mdsn » post , he’s got a very acute mind you know, he was discoursing in almost the same way as one of my sons who studied philosophy and keeps reminding me to use the right word, so I was irreversibly attracted to the thread … «voilà ».

Now I will try to dissipate the possible confusion.

What’s wrong with our beliefs? In fact nothing per se. If you believe in God and I say it is wrong you may in fact be shocked or pleased… if your an atheist, but those are only two sides of the same coin. Don’t be worry, even if I say your belief is wrong, God, a word I tend to avoid because our mind almost instantly makes an image of him at our image, that is with what we know (anthropomorphism), does not mean there’ s no creative intelligence or God if you will.

It is our mental process that is limited and tries to make of the unknowable something that we can get a hold on, and that is exactly what idolatry is, a mental image of God, and that’s what is wrong or maybe good intent to be less rude. But we, humans, want security, a model to follow, a path to heaven. In this way we get very vulnerable to all those who pretend speaking in the name of God.

All this leaves us with nothing and we, humans, abhor emptiness. What to do then? Find a new religion, a golden age theory…wait the return of a saviour or …what? We’re really in a mess,…fear, anxiety, fever…we’re ripe to follow any unreasonable talk of the ones who speak loud. Cool it, be calm, that horrible emptiness may be the silence we’re seeking for.

I won’t go any further in this thread cause it may not be the place to do so even though to be better audiophiles we should make some upgrades to our understanding.

Thank you to all, may God bless not only America.

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At 16 pages in I doubt anything else can be added but I would like to state that the OP has really provoked some thoughts. As an agnostic/athiest (or whatever you'd like to label me as) I can explain everything on Earth with logic & science. However I choose to believe in things in the audiophile world which I cannot explain. I think that's because I hear them whether I can explain them or not. I guess others feel the same with their God. I have never heard, smelled or felt the presence of a God thus no belief.

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