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Windows 7, WMP v12, and Lynx AES16 with ASIO plugin for WMP

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I recently installed Windows 7 (Ultimate version) on my music server in addition to XP and Vista (they all are in separated partitions); MCE and WMP v12 comes with Windows 7 is the best interface for media player I have seen to date and it sounds great as is with all Windows native settings. Windows 7 has a very extensive set of settings for sound and it supports all sample rates from 16/44.1 all the way to 24/196. I verified each sample with Lynx Mixer but I can only go as high as 24/96 (my DAC limitation); I have no use for 24/178 or 24/196 since my collection is mostly on 16/44 and HD music recently released by RR so far is not what I'm listening to so this setup will stay for a while.


I also have MM installed with ASIO driver to drive the Lynx AES16; ASIO is selected for the output and it sounds a tad cleaner and quieter background than MCE so I installed the ASIOwmpPlg to see if I can make MCE sound as good as MM in Windows 7. I had this plug-in installed on XP and Vista and it works great, no problem whatsoever if you follow the instruction. In Windows 7, I kept getting the message saying:


"ASIOWmpPlg: Failed to create ASIO interface, error code 80004002," and

"ASIOWmpPlg: ASIO has not been properly initiated".


Then WMP goes on playing but no sound. Has anyone tried this and able to figured it out?


My hardware: PC -> Lynx AES16 -> Bel Canto DAC3 -> Preamp





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