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2 promising closed planer headphones coming out soon!

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Closed headphones with great sound isolation is a must for my noisy "collaborative" workspace.


I just sold the Focal Spirit Pros I used in my work setup. I've listened to many of the top open planers at audio shows, and have always been impressed. The selection of closed planers have always been too pricey, but now...2 new affordable models more suitable for travel are coming out: Audeze EL‑8 and Oppo PM-3.


If any CA members get an opportunity to put these models through a critical listening session in the next several weeks...if you post your impressions here, you will have at least one very interested person as your audience. I know we are not "Head-Fi", but after reading the CA Forum for years, I have come to trust certain people's impressions (or understand how to apply a useful "POV lens" based on their forum persona).


Looking forward to a nice audio upgrade!




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Yep, those Audi LCD-XC's are the closest I've heard to a "perfect" closed headphone....at least according my preferred playback SQ profile.


Granted, one musty take Sonic Sense's testing methodology with a grain of salt, but IMO they blow away every other closed headphone tester here:


Audio App - Resource Center


Every part of the spectrum is present , but with more clarity than the competition.

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I want some Audeze LCD-XC but have no way to demo them. Looking for some used ones to buy blind and not lose my shirt if I don't like them.


Have you heard the Alpha Dogs/Alpha Primes? They aren't as good as the XC's, but they are way cheaper and hell of a lot more comfortable. The XCs are so heavy they would be really tough to wear for any real length of time (and this is from someone who loves LCD-3s.)

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Quick Update:


I bought a PM-3 and have been putting it through its paces for a few days. Imaging and clarity is excellent, and I like the agility of the bass response (it's pronounced but doesn't drone into the other parts of the music). The first truly portable planer phone under $450 -- Oppo did a great job with these IMO.

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