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Help on ripping WAV to Ipod

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Hi, I'm new here and would like to thank George for letting me know about this place.


Scenario: I'm getting an Ipod (I'm new to them but have played around with Ituns ripping)


I've ALREADY ripped what seems like 200 CD's to my hard drive, using Windows Media player. I've ripped as 1141 bit rate, WAV files.


I've made sure to track down the album art and each folder on my hard drive has an artist name, LP name and each song is named.


When I move/convert over to Itunes and then upload to the Ipod I have (and am taking back today for 160g unit), I seem to lose a LOT of that artist information. Most of the album art is now gone and most of the artitst fall into "various artists" or something like that. I've got a handful of actual CD's that look to be organized and TONS of songs that are all lumped into one directory.


Is there anyway that I can update this info without re-ripping, which is NOT a good choice now.


Oh, and I've also been ripping sound tracks of DVD's... one of them , David Gilmour, Meltdown, has a buzz on every song as though they are preventing me from ripping the sound track...any way around that?


Thanks for any help




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welcome to Computer Audiophile Coytee!


There could be many things causing all your issues.


WAV files are not the best when it comes to cover art and meta data. I highly recommend AIFF. You could convert them if you really want to and avoid re-ripping.


All of your various artists albums should be resolved by selecting all the songs from one album in iTunes, looking at the properties and telling iTunes the album is not a Compilation. Do this for each album in the various folder. There are other options here, but give this a shot and let us know how it goes.


We'll get this all straightened out.


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Thank you for responding. I might change directections and here's why (and I'll have a question)


Loaded about 95g onto the 180g Ipod last night and it's a freaking disorganized mess with hardly any names/people or as I'm finding out I'd like to have, album covers.


I started to go into Itunes and edit them but there are a couple thousand so THAT isn't going to be fun. Then I realized it might just be easier to re-rip everything and hopefully, get all the data right off the bat (as contrasted with editing each piece)


So, a couple thoughts


1. If I re-rip, I can do that directly into Itunes? My goal is to get the HIGHEST quality rip that I can, even at the expense of quantity. Just today, I listened for the first time and while "Echoes" was playing (David Gilmour live), there was a lot of distortion as the dynamics of the band increased. Now, I'm left to wonder, is it the cheesy Ipod earbuds that came with it or is there an issue in the ripping process. I've ordered some Klipsch "Custom 3's" which I understand are a pretty fine piece of work. I'll be using those on my trip.


2. If I can rip directly into Itunes, how do I rip for highest quality?

3. Will it automatically grab 'most' of the album art when available?


I've got 4 weeks before my trip so I'm going to get busy.


Also... does this seem a logical way to do this: I've been ripping dozens of DVD concerts. These also have a folder on my PC hard drive yet, in Ipod are "unkonwns"


What I'm thinking on doing is, emptying my Ipod, as well as Itunes. NOT rip any cd's yet so I don't have any clutter.


Go to the first DVD on my PC that I want, copy to Ipod and while it is the ONLY thing on Ipod/Itunes, edit the artist information so I have it. Then, add my NEXT DVD so the only "unknowns" will then be the ones I added... fix, add another, fix, add another...


Once I'm done with all the DVD's being copied over and edited, THEN do a mass rip of my CD's...


make reasonable sense?




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Regarding the CD's here's what I suggest:

Go to iTunes and under (preferences I think it is) advanced/importing select your rip setting -


A) Apple lossless is good, similar to “zipping” or FLAC. It’s biggest weakness, I suppose, is it’s proprietary of sorts.


B) Many, including me, use AIFF. It creates a bigger file, but it is less proprietary and is a totally uncompressed, original type copy. Some folks like to have that to start with since space isn’t a concern.


Next, be sure to select use error correction on.


On the playback settings I keep the sound enhancer and sound check off. Not everyone does that.


These are generally the recommendations of Gordon (Wavelength) and Chris (C/A) I believe, and they work fine for me.


When you import a CD, assuming you have a net connection, iTunes will access it's database and usually pull down all the track/album data. Rip it. It’s not always a perfect result, but in general iTunes does a pretty good job finding data. By non-perfect I mean sometimes iTunes is confused as to the grouping of the songs.


Then, manually via the menu choices tell it to go look for cover art. It will try, and again generally get it. Not always, obscure, rare, really old tends to fail more often. Sometimes it can't find the info, but it usually works. You can manually add cover art easily on a Mac by dragging a pic and dropping it into the cover spot. Look em up on Amazon or Google and snag jpegs. Never tried under Windows.


Sometimes iTunes gets confused and splits an album up. You can put it back together as Chris said, or just manually edit the album back together by changing a field, I usually tweak the composer field. Best of albums, various artists, etc fail most often in this respect. They rip fine, you just need to group them back together.


I've never fiddled with DVD's inside iTunes or from the iTunes store, so I'm no help there, but I think the above settings will give you quality copy of the CD. What your computer does with that will depend on some things - what hardware are you using? As in, a PC/sound card, method of connection, etc?


Hope that helps a bit



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Thank you George! You took the words right out of my mouth.


AIFF is uncompressed, you won't get better quality than that.


The Apple ear buds are terrible and Klipsch replacements will be a big help. For another real noticeable improvement in sound quality check out the little amp from Headroom (http://www.headphone.com). They are made for an iPod and really do a great job.


Whenever I've brought DVDs into iTunes and put them on my iPod I've had to manually edit the meta data. The movie downloads from the iTunes store have no problems though.


You are on the right track here, making all the right decisions in my opinion. Let us know how else we can help!


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More questions... (don't you love dummies like me)


I've ripped my stuff onto my hard drive at 1411 bit rate. I just now copied the first folder onto Itunes and it still showed 1411 bit rate.


Curious, I clicked on convert to ACC (or what ever) and it converted them to less bit rates. So...


Should I keep them at the higher bit rate or accept the standard converted lower bit rate? (some as low as 920 vs 1411)




also... I've taken the first folder, moved it over. Went into edit mode, filled in the artist and album blanks..went to get artwork...didn't work. I then went to Amazon, found the item and tried to copy it over to Itunes...doesn't work. I tried to drag it over...doesn't work.


Is there any way to paste the cover work into Itunes?


I'm at a standstill right now.....left work early to 'make hay' and hit a stupid brick will with my ignorance.


Oh, as an aside...though most won't know what I'm saying... I've got my Ipod plugged into my Jubilees and it sounds awesome.






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If you use iTunes to rip the album there should be no moving folders or editing needed.


If you need to enter missing cover art, select all the songs on an album. Go to the properties and drag the photo to the little box for the art. It is on one of the tabs I can't think of it at the moment.


I wouldn't convert anything from an AIFF. Leave them as uncompressed in my opinion. But, if anything else sounds good to you go for it!


There is no way to auto delete within iTunes when you convert a file.


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Side note: I'm able to get SOME of the LP coverwork when I go retrieve it. so far, Supertramp is working


Ok, so let me ask a different question... should I TRY to keep the bit rate I have if I CAN get the artwork or would it be better to convert and "drop down" to a lower bitrate? (which might also be sufficient)


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I'd suggest you try ripping a common CD in iTunes. Just stick it in the pc and it should do it automatically. If you selected manually you will need to click and tell it to rip. Set to AIFF. Turn on error correction. Media Player takes over close it and run iTunes, just tell it to rip after you adjust the settings.


Just before it rips it should look up the CD name and track names and show you them in the display.

After it rips tell it to go get the album art, click on cover flow and you should be able to see it.


That should give you a ripped cd with art and all details. You can view the bitrate and details for comparison by switching between the 3 default views.


That's how the process should work within iTunes. Media player makes a folder for each album. iTunes is different. I would describe it as more of a database that indexes everything.


I use media player on my pc but have never tried to move from there into iTunes, I just re-ripped everything using iTunes.


I'll try to fiddle and see how that might work, but tonight I will probably be near dead after we sod a huge chunk of yard.


You can paste in album art in iTunes. Without looking, I think it's in the selections associated with manually editing all tracks of an album. It gives you a window you can drop a jpg file into.


I think if you just rip a couple and see how iTunes wants to work then you might be able to deal with the Media Player files. My guess is that you point iTunes at that folder rather than a CD drive and import it. The problem might be that if it's Wav with no track/album data that iTunes can read, it just won't know what it is.


Also, just because a file is say 1411, unless you know it was ripped that way, it could just be upsampled and sound bad. If the original file was WAV, that should not be the case. Something makes me think some of your files may be other than first gen WAV rips from a post somewhere.


Regarding deleting the old files, just click on the top of each column in the iTunes file type view and it will sort the files by that heading. You can sort by bit rate, sample rate, etc and usually come up with an easy way to re-group those files you want to zap. Then select them and delete.


Wait till you have the time to read more of this forum and pretty soon you'll be running USB into a DAC and those jubs will be singing the sweetest digital music you ever heard! Lordy, just go buy a Mac and make this easy on yourself!



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I've got part of it... I was trying to copy/paste (or anything other) while in the far right mode (with the album art on TOP)


Would not do any of the above.


Went into other mode, with art on SIDE and was able to paste there!!


whoo hoo!!






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Can also do file, get info I think it is and there is a tab for album artwork. I did a quick test using import folder and it pulled in the songs and names from Media Player folder. My iTunes where I am atm isn't net connected. It pulled them in as individual songs rather than an album. Not sure if that's connectivity rated or not. But it appears you can grab a Medcia player folder and import it. You might try a couple and see if they come in intact as album or as single songs. I'd think if your wav files are good rips, importing folders and editing a bit (if it's even required) would beat ripping again.


Glad your making some headway there Coytee.


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Looks like my woes are fixed! I found magic dvd ripper and they sent me link to a new beta




VERY easy to use. The pink noise on the gilmour DVD is gone and I've been able to rip the dvd to my pc and then Ipod. It (the Gilmour dvd specifically) still has SOME hiss in it so they told me to copy 20 seconds of that and send it to them. I'll do that tomorrow.


As it is, I'd rather have the copy with the hiss than not have it at all. Side benefit, this will also rip dvd along with the video to my Ipod.


It seems as though it won't seperate the tracks though so each file is the ENTIRE concert. I'd prefer individual tracks but again... if that's what I have to live with then I can live with it.



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