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Best DAP sub-$1000

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I've asked this question within some other threads, but nobody has really responded. So here goes..


If YOU had $1K to spend on a portable player, what would you buy? Personally, I *think* I have it narrowed down to this:



Fiio X5

A&K 100 II


Problem is that I can't listen to any of them without purchasing first and dealing with return hassles. What do you think?



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I recently purchased the Sony NWZ-ZX1 (iPod Nano 5th Gen and Zune 120s and HD) I think it sounds great (Westone W40 & UM3x mostly). For just over $1K the ZX2 is coming soon...I may have to splurge.


I have no experience with ones you have listed. I thought about the Pono but decided to wait. A&K used to have interface issues and that has probably prevented me from looking at them. Frankly I did not know of any models except for the 240. Online the, to me, the Fiio looks flimsy. It most likely is not but it is my perception. The Sony is solid build and runs on Android which I am very comfortable. Hence my decision.



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Also consider the Calyx M. Best sound overall and best value. Battery life is the only compaint people have (aprox. 4 hours).

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