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Headphone suggestions for a newbie

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Hey I'm new to the forum and audio in general. I'm looking for a new set of headphones to replace my akg q701.


What I don't like about the q701.

If I wear them for more than an hour it like I have been smacked in the head with a piece of iron. I love the sound except I wish they had a little more bass as I mostly play games and explosions are a bit underwhelming. I'm currently using a Schitt magni/modi amp/DAC stack thing. And my budget is around about $200.00 USD

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I like the reviews of the m50x but its hard to trust YouTube. Anyone have hands on experience with them?


I was told by AT that all M50's sound the same, and the M50 I had had a fantastic bass, but the mids and treble were uneven with noticeable colorations. But, the M50's are good for their price.

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Has the OP performed the bass mod on his Q's? It makes quite a difference imo. It doesn't help with the comfort issue unfortunately. Those bumps on the headband are a joke.


The HD 650 has excellent bass when amped properly but they're perhaps too expensive. V-Moda M-100 has excellent bass but comfort can be problematic for some. XL pads are available and do help a lot but it's annoying to have to buy an extra from the get-go.

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