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Teac UD-501 DAC rebate $$$

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I saw that Teac is offering winter rebates. One is For $150 on the UD-501 DACNews :: TEAC Winter Rebates ?*Save up to $150 through March 31st | TEAC


Nice deal!


Quite an okay discount I guess.

Less and less: Ikeda 9TS with Kuzma Stogi Ref and Vendetta Phono => Lamm L2 Ref & Lamm 2.2 => Tidal Piano Cera.


More and more: Mac Book Pro Retina (mid-2014) with 128GB SSD: with Audirvana 2.0) and all the while auditioning different DACs.


(something small and sometimes portable - she who must not be named demands it).

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