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How many wireless devices are connected to your router?

How many wireless devices are connected to your home network?  

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Just 2 Airport Extremes that double as ends of a wireless bridge and communication links for tablets used for playback control.

ALAC iTunes library on Synology DS412+ running MinimServer with Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 tablet running BubbleUPnP for control >

Hi-Fi 1: Airport Extreme bridge > Netgear switch > TP-Link optical isolation > dCS Network Bridge AND PS Audio PerfectWave Transport > PS Audio DirectStream DAC with Bridge Mk.II > Primare A60 > Harbeth SHL5plus Anniversary Edition .

Hi-Fi 2: Sonore Rendu > Chord Hugo DAC/preamp > LFD integrated > Harbeth P3ESRs and > Sennheiser HD800

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Laptops... blue ray players... media streamers... cell phones. I passed when someone tried to sell me a wifi connected refrigerator but a (secure) wifi controllable house thermostat with a phone control app could bring out my wallet. Still trying to figure out how Youtube audio started streaming in the midst of playing music from my NAS




Audio system

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In addition to 3 iphones, about 6 ipod touches, an iPad mini, and 8 or 10 computers, we also have a Hue lighting system, an IP-controlled remote, and also a Harmony Smart, two sets of lawn sprinklers and 5 wemo switches. I feel a bit behind with respect to household technology, however, as the thermostat, dish-washer, refrigerator and toilets do not currently have their own IP addresses. Whoops, forgot to add in 3 Apple TVs (I only have one TV screen), the interface to my solar panels, and my wireless extender. I think I misunderestimated in the poll. Sorry.

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I think I posted 26-30 but I may have left out some printers etc also so I'm over 31 also. The Lurton RadioRa switches/dimmers are what start to add up even though they are on their own network and don't take up any bandwidth.


Actually the more I think about it the further over 31 I am.


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