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PureMusic & Audirvana co-existing on one system


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Dear community members -


I am currently in the process of reformatting my (recent) MacMini and making a clean Yosemite install. I have licenced earlier (1.x I think) versions of both Audirvana and PureMusic which I intent to upgrade to the current releases.


My questions would be what is the best way to install so that both players co-exist nicely. Preferably using the same audio files (FLAC). I recall having issues in the past where the control files of PM seemed to cause duplicate entries in Audirvana (or something silly like that). I would expect there to be a nice way to have this working smoothly together.


Thanks a lot for any suggestion!



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Not sure why there should be any problem. I have both on my Mac Mini (along with Amarra) and have no problems. I did the standard install which put the programs in the applications folder. Both the programs are on the Mac with the music files on and external HD. I do make a point of quitting whatever program I'm using at the end of my listening.

2012 MacMini 8G ram -> Audirvana + 3.0 -> Mcintosh MHA 100> Nordost > Audeze LCD X

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