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Help with BitPefect and Apple TV


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Looking for a little guidance...


Recently i installed BitPerfect on my Mac Mini but it did not play well with Airplay and my Apple TV. My Mac Mini is on the 2nd floor and i run ethernet down to the first floor where it's connected directly to my ATV3, the ATV3 is connected to the AVR via optical.

Anyways, BitPerfect was having a hard time choosing Airplay as the device, which i guess makes sense since it's not a DAC. Ultimately it wouldn't really play and seemed reluctant to choose Airplay as the device. I thought i read somewhere that this is true for BitPerfect and other audio software like Audirvana etc, that they don't work with Airplay.

Is there a workaround for this?



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I may be missing something but if you are using Airplay why the ethernet cable?


Good question…but BitPerfect actually sees the ATV as Airplay, maybe since it's still over the network? not sure. The only 2 choices for audio in the BitPerfect preferences are Built in audio or Airplay.

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Airplay is primarily a wireless program as far as I know. I wonder if using both wired and wireless is causing a problem. Of course I'm assuming you have a wireless network available. Why not try wireless without the ethernet cable and see what happens. If you use a smartphone the Remote App will allow you to see and control your ATV. Also, be sure you are using the most current software for your ATV and Mac.

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Thanks for the reference. Although I'm not a Bitperfect user it's interesting reading. It seems to me you should be able to use Bitperfect via wireless streaming. Do you read the Users Manual that way?


That blog post and his updates following that are a very interesting insight to app developers and AirPlay. I experimented a bit with my setup and i got BitPerfect to work with my ATV3, although not perfectly. I almost exclusively use the iPhone Remote app to control my music/ATV3 via iTunes and what was happening was that on the TV display it stopped showing artist/song info and displayed it soley as 'Internet Radio', also the play progress marker on my Remote was disabled. The volume was also affected by the OSX system volume, which is not supposed to happen, usually it's dependent on the Remote app / iTunes volume and does not matter how high or low the system volume is.

As for playing music directly thru the ATV interface, it just wouldn't work at all, it would look like the song was going to play then would quit and go back to the music menu.

I'm sure if i played around more with the output settings on my Mac Mini that maybe i could get it to work properly, but at the end of the day i don't want to deal with anything that's buggy or that almost works.

Part of the issue i think is that there's several places to choice the output on the Mac…

1) Audio Midi Setup - choices are built in output, built in mic or AirPlay

2) OSX Settings > Sounds Menu - choice of Headphone input or AirPlay

3) iTunes - choice of the computer or AirPlay device (Apple TV) (or both)

4) BitPerfect - Built in output or AirPlay


So for now i'll think i'll forget the BitPerfect option and maybe try JRiver or Audirvana down the road. I use Audirvana in my office but it does not allow for sound to be played thru the OSX, for instance youtube or other audio from an internet browser, which should be a good thing however our Mac Mini does double duty as the house computer as well. One of these days i'll set up a dedicated computer as the server.

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I would agree it's too buggy to enjoy. I recently started using Amarra and have found the sound quality quite a step up from Audirvanan although I haven't tried Audirvana 2.0. It has an iTunes mode but I haven't tried that yet.


Are you saying Amarra has an iTunes mode? Audirvana does, it's called integrated iTunes mode or something like that and turns the GUI of the program into visual transport device, kinda cool actually.

I have not tried the full music management system yet of Audirvana, only the iTunes mode.

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