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Where to get high quality high resolution vinyl rips from mono vinyl sources?

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I checked the BNF vinyl rip offerings from Qobuz as mentioned in another thread and saw that there was a vinyl rip of Kind Of Blue amongst the offerrings. While I have no interest in purchasing such a vinyl rip made from unspecified source material and using unspecified equipment(ADC, turntable, cartridge, etc.) I would be very interested to learn of any parties, private or public, who are offering to do vinyl rips for a reasonable price, also specifying their own equipment chain.


For one, I have the recent Beatles in Mono LP box and would be very willing to pay to have this ripped for me by someone who had the equipment(including the requisite mono cartridge) and took the care to do it right. I assume that this would be a perfectly legal enterprise as I already own the LPs in question and I would not be obtaining the vinyl rips for any other purpose than my own enjoyment(e.g. no plans for torrent uploads or giving copies of the rips to other parties).



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