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Advice on Power Supply design issues


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So I get the point that power supplies matter for the computer audiophile but am confused as the relative merits of different paths to powering a dedicated computer. My general understanding is that there are a range of paths to powering the motherboard (see below) and that there is benefit in dedicated supplies for specific components; e.g. USB Card.


  1. Linear PSU (e.g., Keces DC-116) into PicoPSU
  2. Linear PSU into a direct to DC enabled motherboard
  3. Linear ATX PSU (e.g., Leadex, Teradak) direct to motherboard
  4. Multi-rail linear PSUs set-up to power motherboard that accepts ‘dumb’ power via ATX


My main question, then, is about the relative merit of the design options listed above. One specific question is whether the answer is depended on the load – as my computer will be performing digital cross-over functions. [My original thinking was to go for option 1 but I'm concerned as to the PicoPSU noise being high if the computer is under load due the various convolution filters.] Any and all advice would be much appreciated.

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