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DAC totally distorted or no sound - Aktimate Blues built-in Wolfson DAC

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Hi guys,


Last night i picked up a pair of Aktimate Blue active speakers with a built-in Wolfson DAC.

More details here:


My analog inputs are working fine, but trying to use the built in DAC over USB is not working at all.


It connects, detects and installs the sound adapter (comes up as Digihub). It takes over as the primary sound adapter and the PC thinks its working correctly.

For example, simply adjusting the volume in windows (normally finishes in a "ding") give no ding followed by 2-3 secs of digital sounding static/distortion. Nothing i can play gets anything close to usable sound, only occasionally can i hear a faint echo of the sound actually being played, playing music generally gives no sound at all, tiny bit of static.


The device doesnt come with drivers and from what i can tell it should just work with windows.

ive tried 3 PCs, Windows 7 & 8.1, 2 USB cables and i cannot work it out.


I looked the at advanced audio settings in the device, where you set the default format and i only have access to 44khz and 48khz. Not sure if it HAS to be set to the 96khz as per the specs but its not an option and there is no drivers...


I believe one of two things are going on.

1. There is something faulty (waiting to hear back from them at the moment)

2. Ive totally misunderstood what the USB DAC can do and it requires some sort of special software for it to be utilized within specific applications.


If anyone has any ideas or is able to explain to me if im doing something wrong or expecting something that wont work please let me know.

I did a lot of overtime to pay for these and im not going to be happy if i have to buy another DAC just to get decent sound out of my PC.


Thanks for your time.




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