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Newbie - CAPS help and advice request

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I would kindly like to ask for some helpful advice and feedback to make final decisions on how to build the CAPS V3.



I am starting the build with a HDPLEX h1s case and a HDPLEX-LPSU, that should feed the CAPS, the USB Card and my V90 DAC.



As the PPANG V2 card is my choice, I will need a thin micro-ITX board, which limits the choice of MoBo/CPUs. The OS will be on a Samsung 850 pro 128 GB.



On a cost/performance ratio I was tending to a ASROCK Q1900TM, that is not the most powerful, but a quad core CPU with a TDP of 10, which seems to be not too bad because it is more performant as the DN2800 board used in Lagoon build. And it is "Made in Japan", so it might have a deep purple flavour ;-)



Having a look forward (DSD Up/Down-Sampling )I was taking into account on more powerful alternatives: The Gigabyte H81TN or Q87TN, alternatively the ASUS Q87T with a Intel I3-4130T CPU, allowing me to upgrade the bios of the Q87 boards in order to be compatible with the newest HASWELL generation. That would provide the upgrade path to a more powerful CPU if needed.



What I like at the Q-boards is the double GB-LAN connection on the thin mini ITX form factor. As the CAPS will be fed by an UNRAID-NAS with Dual Gbit LAN connection, I regard this a s a good connection backup plan. I fear with the H81 or the Q1900,


a simple failure on the LAN unit could make me a lot of headache. But I am not sure if this would be a common problem in computer audio? I've just read that people are not happy with the speed performance on the LAN connection.



Any thoughts and advice on making a choice for the board/CPU?



Regarding the RAM, would the MUSHKIN 992019 (8GB , 7-7-7-20) a good choice? It's not on the MB's compatibility list, could that prove to be a problem ?



Many thanx in advance and greetings from the Loire valley



PS. I did not put links to the different parts, as I was not aware if this is allowed and/or useful. If it would be useful, let me know, I could post them ;-)

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One of the good features of that DM2800 board is the onboard passively cooled CPU. Some of those other options you mention will require heat pipes or similar for passive cooling and a picoPSU if you want fanless power.


Those NUC designs for CAPS v4 seem a better option to me, but the next generation NUCs are not far away . . .


Last visited the Loire valley via bicycle in 1989, tres bon.

Keep us posted on your build!



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Stuart, thank you for your response.


I was first going the NUC direction, but the USB Card is not supported. So I went back to the V3 build. The Q1900 is also passivly cooled, but the HDPLEX case comes with heatpipes anyway.


La loire a Velo, nowadays much more enhanced routes available, actually from Nevers until Nantes ;-)

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