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Install music player on external hard drive?


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Is it possible to install a program like Foobar on an external hard drive to play my FLAC files (also on the same external hard drive) on a Windows (7) computer?

The computer is at work and I don't want to install any extra programs on it.

I know I could just convert all of the FLAC files to MP3's and use WMP, but I wanted to check before I do a large conversion.

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I am not sure if foobar is considered a "standalone" program (a software that will contain all that is required in its own folder), Meybe you could force it to install itself on your music hard drive while connected to one computer and then try connecting your hard drive on another and try to start it. If it starts, it means that you can. If not, it is not a "standalone".


Maybe there are other softwares that will work and are considered "portable", the kind that will start on a USB key or, like you wish, on your music hard drive ?


Alas I don't have any software in mind for this, but if you Google with something like "portable music player", you will find something suitable ?


Hope this helps.




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I have VLC loaded and it works great at my work office! It is even able to play my 192/24 FLAC files.


I'm glad it works. Thanks for letting us know.

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