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Resampler-V SRC for Foobar


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Getting filter setting right for impulse response and phase can make a big difference to digital playback. Especially for those using NOS DACs that use no internal filters.


If you want to experiment for free and run Windoze the Resampler-V (its malware free) SRC plugin for Foobar works a treat:


V-SRC in Foobar.JPG


The plugin is superbly configured allowing on the fly graphs to display eg the impulse response with different settings. To hear the difference close the plugin and in DSP window click on "Apply".


Big thanks to the developer valer_valer

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Nice interface with graph. But I see one drawback against Foobar SoX plugin. Resampler-V does not allow 8x upsampling of 44.1k / 48k to 352.8k / 384k (in one step). SoX plugin allows that if you manually enter the desired sample rate. A new resampler DSP for foobar2000 - Hydrogenaudio Forums


More and more current DACs support 352.8k / 384k on USB input (and few support yet higher sampling rates).

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how to configure this plugin for the best sound quality?


I won't assert that it provides "the best" sound quality but I've been getting good results with the parameters set as per the picture, below.


I find the sound quality improvement to be from very subtle to just subtle, but Resampler-V yields slightly more 'air' and less high-frequency harshness. Curiously so far, (I'm only been using it for a few days), I've notice the most difference with older, 1980's CDs, (i.e. ripped to ALAC or FLAC), were as the benefit for typical new, good CDs is very slight to nil.



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how to configure this plugin for the best sound quality?

This appears to be using a Filter Window developed in India. That allows Stop Band Attenuation as an input value. This makes emulating a real upsampling CD Player easier. Just google for some specs. So 2x requires 96db , 4 X 130db, 8 x 190db (but not supported in the resampler). Otherwise impulse resonance is too long. Then use the pass band and stop band settings and experiment. With minimal impulse filtering keep the resonance to around 1 ms.


The normal SOX resampler requires too much guess work.

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