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C.A.P.S. v3 Carbon Question

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I recently acquired a C.A.P.S. v3 Carbon. When I received the unit it was running Windows 2012 R2 64-bit and came with 8GB RAM. I reinstalled the 32-bit Windows 8 Pro that originally came with the unit. While the system still recognizes 8GB of RAM installed I know it cannot use more than 4GB with the 32-bit OS. My music files are on an external HDD connected to the v3 Carbon via eSATA (I added the eSATA card and the drivers that came with it).


JRiver 20 benchmark readings are: Math 340 Image 643 Database 777 Composite 587. Are these benchmark numbers normal for the v3 Carbon? If not, what do I need to do/change to get them up where they belong?


An issue I am having is long waits for buffering and frequent skips during playback. Could this be related to the benchmark scores? Is there anything else that could be causing the problem?





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