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New HD service from Naxos

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Naxos has launched an HD streaming and download service using the Orastream compression app.

Naxos already has streaming as naxosmusiclibrary.com and downloads as classicsonline.com which cover all releases under the Naxos label as well as many independent labels.

So far the music on the HD service is limited.

My system does not allow me to properly judge the sound, though it does seem very good.

A few dropouts which might be teething troubles.

Does anyone have an experience with this service?

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Good News! New HD downloads! Thank you very much for the link to the service!

Beside the sound quality, which I have not tried yet - the web interface is not my taste and quirky :(


It was not possible for me to set a filter for HD and get the right results, too bad. Maybe they change the interface in the future ...

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I am trying it at present. The sound quality is good, though I think I prefer Qobuz. I am trying Spotify and Tidal as well. They all sound different, but I seem to like Qobuz overall.


The user interface on ClassicsOnline (Naxos) I agree is quirky and not to my liking either and I have made a few suggestions to them, including pointing out a few bugs. I will say this their support service is excellent and friendly, and they were receptive to suggestions. Definitely worth a try if you are into classics. My tastes are too eclectic though.

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