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Qobuz Offer Free 24bit 48khz Album.

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Post deleted. Already posted by another member. Sorry.

LOUNGE:- Qobuz Studio>TP-Link RE650 WI-FI Extender>AfterDark Ethernet Cable>EtherREGEN/Farad Super3 PSU/Furutech AC input/Level2 DC cable/SR Purple fuse>AfterDark Ethernet Cable(1/2 Metre)>Lumin U1 Mini Streamer/LEEDH volume/External PliXiR BDC Elite 12v/4amp PSU>Oyaide DB-510 bnc-bnc Digital cable>MHDT Orchid Dac>Townshend DCT300 Interconnects>Airtight AMT-1S Amp>Townshend Isolda EDCT Speaker Cables>Speakers Revival Atalante 3.

LIVING ROOM:-Qobuz Studio>Bluesound Node2i (streamer only)>Oyaide DB-510 bnc-bnc Digital Cable>iFi Retro 50 Dac-Amp>iFi LS3.5 Speakers.  Various tweaks in both systems - tubes, footers, grounding, Shakti devices, Nordost QK1, Furutech fuses, resonance generators.  

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