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Making compacter and greener

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Goodday to you all, I'm puzzeling for a while now to make my system a bit compacter and greener and have read and search the net a lot

with so much enhousiast people and even so enthousiast stories about their setup and what sounds best...etc, so much that it is dazzeling me

in my research to make my system greener and compacter



My situation now:



Digital Media Server DMS : Computer with i7 quadcore, 3 TB music storage and Windows server 2012 OS with Jriver, Jplay combo as player



Digital Media Renderer DMR : DDDAC 1794 still on a breaboard


Digital Media Controler DMC : Laptop which is using remote desktop to controle the computer via wifi



The advantage of this route is that when playing my music I have direct access to my musicfile which contain my artwork also

This gives me the freedom to watch my covers and liner notes while playing music just by rightclick on cover thumb in Jriver and select

"locate" >"on disc (external)".

This is a future that I will keep, loosing that is no option for me and another workaround to open the musicfile is not arguably, I mean, to search

on one of my HD's for the right file is a crime to do and very annoying when I want to read the liner notes or something like that because they are spread over several HD's,



My goal is to put SSD drives and pc card ( a raspberry pi or something similar) and DAC together in one box and using my laptop as discribed above

The two questions I have are, Is that possible with the futures I discribed and if, what do I need for this



I have read a lot, but the more I read about it the more I get confussed, so a short description of the possibility and what to use is very welcome,

if I know that, I know where to focus on


Thanks for reading :)

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