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Which device would you prefer?

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given the high quality of your speakers and apparently very good quality of your amp (don't know it) I would suggest to consider sopending a little more $ on the DAC.


Since you've mentioned the Pro-Ject Dac Box DS I think you should also look at the Pro-Ject DAC Box RS (~€900,-). The Dac Box DS is possibly a bit dated and also a bit limited compared to more recent offerings.

You've quoted a german link ... so I assume you are speaking german. Here's a link to 2 (german) reviews of the DAC Box RS: Pro-Ject DAC Box RS Test Digital/Analog-Wandler

And here is a review on Quobuz (english): Pro-Ject DAC Box RS: inputs and digital audio formats galore!

Finally here's a thread with my impressions about the DAC Box RS and other users who use the Pre Box RS: http://www.computeraudiophile.com/f6-dac-digital-analog-conversion/pro-ject-digital-analogue-converter-box-rs-22814/


Also take the time to take a look at the threads here on the forum concerning the iFi DACs.


Hmm ... possibly not the answer you were looking for. Sorry. But I think you should not underestimate the quality of the DAC ...


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