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KaiserTone - iOS HiRes Audio Player


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The other day by chance I came across the KaiserTone HiRes Audio Player for iPhone (etc.).


By now I used the Onkyo HF Player. And while it is very good KaiserTone has some very nice features the HF Player is missing.


Beside your iPhone library you can load through file transfer:

- DSD (2.8MHz-11.2MHz/1bit, dsf/dff) [DoP]

- FLAC(8k-384kHz/8-32bit)

- WAV(8k-384kHz/8-32bit)

- Apple Lossless(8k-384kHz)

- AIFF(8k-384kHz/8-32bit)

- AAC(8-320 Kbps)

- MP3(8-320 Kbps)

… pretty much the same as the HF Player.


Here are some of it’s other features:


- the App is loaded with different EQs - from 5 Frequency bands (100-8KHz) over several more bands to Spline 32-16KHz and Spline32k (16-32KHz). EQ settings also contain serval settings to balance performance versus SQ.

(I don’t use EQs, though)


- It is equipped with a Low and a High Pass Filter (16kHz + 32Hz) & Noise Reduction


- You can select your DAC’s samplerate (up to 384kHz … all rates selectable for 16, 24 or 32bit)


- You can chose to only upsample by power of 2


- it does not only have an output Volume control … it also has a Gain control to lower the input level of the actual file


- … and many more (unfortunately including a GUI design that leaves a lot to be desired :-) …)


Now, beside some useful features I do particularly like the Gain control.

I do use a Beyerdynamic A200p DAC (rebadged Astell & Kern AK10) for my iPhone/iPod/iPad and I think it is prone to sound harsh with intersample peaks.

With the Gain control I get rid of this harshness.


Maybe worth to try …


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I downloaded KaiserTone last night. I also have Onkyo HF. In comparison, I find Onkyo still beats it out. Onkyo just has a fuller more robust sound. That is the best way I can describe it. I played around quite a bit on KaiserTone and I just could not get it to sound as good as Onkyo HF.

Maybe I need to play around a tad more.

I am using Audioquest Red with Sony 1AM2 headphones. I tested using 24/96 files:

Kenny Burrell- Midnight Blue

Jackson Browne - Running on Empty

Miles Davis - Kind Of Blue

Fleetwood Mac - Fleetwood Mac


Maybe somebody here has suggested setting that I could try on Kaiser Tone.


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